Aunty's showing her age ahead during new IT roll out
Aunty's showing her age ahead during new IT roll out

The spare part that forced the ABC off air

ABC Sunshine Coast is expected to return to the airwaves on Tuesday after being beset with technical difficulties for much of the past fortnight.

ABC Regional editor Cathie Schnitzerling said the broadcaster nationally was going through a major technical upgrade with its integrated management systems which connect with everything it prints and records.

Queensland is the second state to roll out the technology after Tasmania with the Sunshine Coast the first region to be affected.

Ms Schnitzerling said while Tasmania had experienced no problems she was aware of, a breakdown in equipment used to operate the old system at the ABC's Maroochydore studio had been problematic.

"The old system has failed and it's taken a while to source parts," she said.

"Funding is not the issue."

Ms Schnitzerling said the part needed for the motherboard of the old system was expected to arrive at 1pm Monday allowing the broadcaster to return to air on Tuesday morning after rigorous testing of the system.

The initial plan was to resume from Monday afternoon with the Sheridan Stewart drive program but she said that had been possible.

The ABC's Sunshine Coast staff would be trained in the use of the system in mid March with Toowoomba next in line.

Ms Schnitzerling said the new integrated management system would be rolled out across Queensland regional centres before also being introduced in Brisbane.