EXPLANATION: Blackwater resident speaks out about expensive fuel.
EXPLANATION: Blackwater resident speaks out about expensive fuel.

The real reason Blackwater pays more for fuel, reveals local

BLACKWATER families and Central Queensland tourism are paying the price for expensive fuel, according to a local business manager.

The Blackwater local said fuel companies were capitalising on nearby mine workers with no consideration for the rest of the community.

"Just because we live in a town near the mine just doesn't mean we are all miners," the manager who wished to remain anonymous said.

Indicative retail margins in Blackwater were as high as 23.6cpl.

"Everyone blames it on the mines and mining but it's not really that, it's the fuel companies," she said.

RACQ revealed Blackwater motorists have been consistently charged more for fuel than anywhere else in the state for the past nine months.

The manager said the cost were not only turning tourists away from the town, expensive prices were also causing locals to holiday elsewhere.

"People always say 'why is the fuel so ridiculous here'," she said.

"When we go on holiday, we will go down to the Gold Coast or South East Queensland it's cheap down there and it's more affordable than paying for fuel in Central Queensland."

Central Queenslanders pay "the most for fuel and flights than anywhere in the world", according to the woman.

She said the high prices were just unfair.

Blackwater motorists paid the most in Queensland for unleaded petrol last month with an average of 159 cents per litre.

The business manager said she drove as little as possible to keep her fuel costs down and if left Blackwater she would always make sure to fill up at another town.