NEW ROLE: Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West chair Graeme Kanofski.
NEW ROLE: Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West chair Graeme Kanofski. File

Graeme is the new face of the region’s development

TWELVE Central Queensland councils have a new voice at the State and Federal government level.

Graeme Kanofski was yesterday announced as the chair of Regional Development Australia's (RDA) Fitzroy and Central West division and has already hit the ground running.

Mr Kanofski said the RDA held a key coordinating role in bringing councils, the community sector and State and Federal governments together to promote economic development throughout the Central West region.

With regions as far south as Central Highlands and as far west as Diamantina on his watch, Mr Kanofski has a lot of ground to cover.

"Employment is a critical issue within the region which is why responsible economic development is so critical," he said.

"The provision of infrastructure, water, road, rail and air, associated with economic development, is where governments have a real role.

"The RDA is a key conduit to government in this process."

Mr Kanofski moves into the role with 40 years' experience across five councils in Central Queensland.

But at the forefront of his work is water infrastructure development and promoting the region's potential food bowl.

"I know many of the stakeholders and look forward to working with them to get some great projects off the ground so that our children and grandchildren have a prosperous future," he said.

"One of my initial projects is the development of water infrastructure on the Fitzroy.

"One of the great opportunities for Australia is as a food bowl for Asia and its neighbours.

"We are the driest continent on Earth so in order to grow food we need an abundant and reliable source of water.

"We also need to build on our resource rich region, further develop our tourism potential and diversify the economy in the far west to offset the effects of the drought."


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