WATCH: The Thompson's never ending garden project

How to save bromeliads: Barry Thomson shows gardeners how to rescue a new shoot from an old bromeliad plant

KATH and Barry Thomson bought their home at Barney Point because of the large garden.

The garden has gone through many stages since they moved in 20 years ago, but Mrs Thomson said looking back, she can't imagine why she liked the original one.

Barry says he built the garden just to make his wife happy.

Who is the gardener?

Both of us, but Barry does all the hard work. I just do the shopping. I love going to the nursery and looking at all the plants.

What is your project at the moment?

Barry is building a vegetable patch right now. So he will grow the vegetables and I will cook them.

How much time do you spend in the garden?

Barry does something in the garden every single day. He's into desert roses and he grows them from seeds.

What's changed in the garden?

We used to have nice water feature with a water fall and a creek. But we had a leak and after we got an $1800 power bill we decided to get rid of it.

What's the most unique item here?

The bridge over the creek, that's dry now because of the water bill, was actually made from an old set of stairs. Barry is always building something.

Barry, why do you love gardening?

I can't remember a time when I didn't garden. I just like working with the dirt, watching things grow and experimenting. In the garden my mind is clear.