Drunken streakers fined in court after hospital disruption

RUNNING naked around Gladstone Base Hospital seemed like a good idea at the time for a couple of drunk blokes.

But the starkers shenanigans proved more costly than silly in the end for the pair.

Joshua Dodt and Jarred Baynton were with several other young men when they decided to take part in the nudie run at 10.30pm on March 15.

Police were called to the scene after the drunken louts began banging on hospital windows and causing a disruption to staff and patients.

Dodt approached police, while the remainder of the group, including Baynton, attempted to run away.

The group did not get far, however, with police later apprehending all of them.

Dodt and Baynton appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with public nuisance.

Both of the defendants entered early guilty pleas.

Dodt received a $400 fine for his actions, with no criminal conviction recorded.

Baynton failed to appear at Gladstone Police Station the day after the offence, copping a $150 fine for contravening direction or requirement of police.

He did not turn up because he was "too busy".

An order to pay a $400 fine for his involvement in the offence was issued.

No criminal conviction was recorded.

The defendants jointly claimed the venture was a silly mistake and assured the court it would not happen again.

Magistrate Russell Warfield said public streaking was an example of a juvenile prank.