Most unpopular baby names of 2018


THESE are 20 of the least popular baby names according to Netmums … starting with the girls.

Amanda: This may not seem so unpopular as there are many grown-up versions around, but the name fell from popularity after the '80s and just hasn't recovered since.

Carol: Once popular among girls born in the festive season, this name has not once been chosen in 2018.

Cindy: Meaning 'woman from Kynthos', this name is the 7th least popular name for this year.

Debbie: Sorry Deb, but your name is almost a goner. While once really popular, these days Deborah and Deb are just a distant memory from the '50s.

Donna: This old classic means 'woman' in Italian, yet has fallen away into the land of obscurity in 2018.


The name Marcia has dropped out of favour.
The name Marcia has dropped out of favour.

Edna: This Hebrew name meaning 'pleasure' wasn't pleasing enough to be given to many babies in recent years.

Janet: Dammit, Janet! Your name is no longer cool. Despite meaning, 'God's gracious gift' it's still vanishing into oblivion.

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Marcia: Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA! Gone are the days we will be saying this name over and over again. Bye-bye Marcia …

Muriel: This name was very popular in the 1920s, but that was … sooooo long ago. These days it's only really heard in funny movies.

Susan: Flower names have become rather popular in recent years, but not this one. Susan means 'lily' but has dropped off in popularity since the '60s.

And the boys names …

Clive: Meaning 'lives near a high cliff', we're guessing babies these days are much safer away from scarily high locations anyway. Sorry Clive.


The name Muriel is apparently off the boil.
The name Muriel is apparently off the boil.

Derick: This Danish name meaning 'gifted ruler' was near the top of the charts in 1934, but not so much these days.

Edgar: Here's one we've definitely not heard in a while! This old English name means 'wealthy spearman' and has begun its final descent into the land of extinction.

Gary: Everybody knows a Gary, right? Well maybe not for too much longer …

Gerald: Can you imagine meeting a toddler called Gerald? Apparently, neither can many parents, hence this once-popular name's spectacular fall from grace.

Frank: Nawwww, no more little Frankies running about? Apparently not, as this French name meaning 'free one' was one of the least popular baby names of 2017.


Sorry Karl … it seems nobody is naming their babies after you.
Sorry Karl … it seems nobody is naming their babies after you.

Howard: Meaning 'brave heart', Howard was a super popular boy's name in the 1940s and 1950s. Now, not so much.

Karl: Sorry Mr Lagerfeld, unlike your clothes, your name is not in vogue, ranking number 1050 in popularity in 2018.

Nigel: Well this is pretty obvious. Who would want to name their kid Nigel No Friends? In fact, Nigel is so unpopular it doesn't even make the top 2000.

Ronald: While busy mums may enjoy a cheeky Macca's run from time to time, there's no love for the name Ronald. Currently, it just scrapes in the top 2000, but not by much.