SUE Weber of the Greens was a criminal trial barrister in Sydney before shifting to Queensland.
SUE Weber of the Greens was a criminal trial barrister in Sydney before shifting to Queensland.

The Green barrister who used to shoot 12 rabbits a day

SUE Weber's life has been one of remarkable transition taking her from a childhood on a New England cattle property to a career as a Sydney criminal trial barrister and now to a role as a mediator in family disputes.

She has lived in Queensland for the past 17 years, settling on a small farm in the Moreton Bay hinterland where she cares for injured animals when not trying to repair broken families.

As a girl she would shoot 12 rabbits a day to feed the farm dogs and says she witnessed treatment of animals that made her an opponent of live cattle exports.

Her engagement with struggling families has given Ms Weber a clear understanding of the consequence of government cuts to counselling services and a strong appreciation of why the homeless and downtrodden need to be helped up from their situations.

Aside from the ethical and moral considerations obviously close to her own thinking, she said without that support, crime rates, break and enters, the cost of more police and other negative impacts would increase.

The Greens candidate, who also stood in the federal seat of Petrie at last year's federal election, acknowledges her chance of winning is slight with most other parties placing her last on their How to Vote cards.

But if she were to produce a miracle, she would put 50% of her salary back into the community.

"It's about giving back," Ms Weber said of her nomination. "It's about having the time, energy and integrity to lead by example. It's not about money."

She firmly believes the Greens play an important role in Australian politics in presenting ideas that were ultimately taken on by other parties.

"I don't care (who claims credit), I just want results," Ms Weber said.

"If Adani is stopped it would be because of the Greens. We bring diversity to the debate."

And she says what was little understood was that the Greens did not wish to impose anything on anyone. Its policy positions were there to be debated.

"We need to get the community back into politics and to have greater transparency," Ms Weber said.

HOW TO VOTE card: Weber (Greens) 1, Hampstead (Labor) 2, Mureau (ind) 3, Powell (LNP) 4, Bell-Henselin (PHON) 5.