Jason Seng.
Jason Seng. Mike Richards GLA130119CRIK

The Glen's best all-rounder profiled

1: When did you start playing cricket, where and who for?

When I was eight for The Glen Cricket Club.

2: Thoughts on this new best-of-three grand final series?

Great thing for our comp, keeps everyone interested.

3: Your biggest strength in the game?

Experience and knowledge in most situations.

4: Career highlights?

Five-wicket haul in first-grade T20 final in Brisbane against University of Queensland.

Scoring 77 runs and winning Bulls Masters Country Challenge.

5: Biggest influence?

George Mitchell, my first mentor and my dad.

6: Funniest teammate?

Gotta be Greg Purdon for his blow-ups.

7: Most annoying teammate?

Josh Lait.

8: Funniest thing you have seen on the cricket field when playing?

Hayden Oliver bowling double bouncers.

9: How can you beat BITS?

Bat 50 overs.

10: What's the best thing about playing the game?

Playing with my mates.