UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS: Bundy's three richest and poorest suburbs.
UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS: Bundy's three richest and poorest suburbs.

The gap between rich and poor in Bundy just 5km

FAMILIES in Bundaberg's poorest suburbs earn about $781 a week while their wealthy counterparts in the city's richest suburbs take home almost double that amount.

Nestled between Kepnock and Windermere, Ashfield residents pocket a median pay of $1835 a week while a little more than 5km away in Bundaberg South families are living on as little as $781 a week.

Recently released Census figures show the exclusive suburb of Ashfield has a population of 793 residents compared to Bundaberg South's 3307, which may help skew the stats.

The median weekly income is below $1000 in 16 Bundaberg suburbs with the Bundaberg (Local Government Area) median sitting at $973. Ashfield's median household income jumped by $322 in the past five years from $1513 in 2011, the largest wealth increase of all the Bundaberg suburbs.

Elliott Heads was next ($627-$932), then Gooburrum ($1220-1524).

The additional income in Ashfield is probably needed because renters there pay a median weekly rent of $360, more than any other suburb in Bundaberg. This is followed by Coral Cove ($340), Branyan ($330) and Bargara, Gooburrum, Innes Park and Kalkie who all pay $300 a week.

Bargara is our most populated suburb with 7485 residents calling it home followed by Bundaberg North (5451), Avoca (4904), Avenell Heights (4871) and Kepnock (4441). Only 547 residents call Woongarra home, our least populated suburb, with Kensington (569) and Avondale (643) rounding out the bottom three.

Data showed Branyan had the largest population growth in the past five years with an extra 795 residents calling the suburb home.

This was followed by the seaside suburbs of Bargara (592 people) and Moore Park Beach (563).

Suburbs with populations below 500 were not included in this analysis.

If you're looking for the cheapest place to rent look no further than Bundaberg West which had the lowest median weekly rent of $225.


Highest median income: Ashfield

Lowest median income: Bundaberg South

Highest median rent: Ashfield

Lowest median rent: Bundaberg West

Biggest population: Bargara

Biggest population growth: Branyan