We were there: The 2013 flood to beat all floods

We Were There is a series that revisits The Observer's in-depth coverage of the major events that have shaped Gladstone and the community over the past 20 years. Today, we look back at the 2013 floods.

Tomorrow, we take you back to years gone by at the Mt Larcom Show.

IT WAS Australia Day 2013 - a day when the heavens opened and large parts of the Gladstone region suffered.

The Observer staff arrived at work.

The phone lines were down, we knew of communities which were cut off from civilisation, and the reporters and photographers set about their work the hard way - on foot.

Residents on the Boyne River suffered massively from the huge wall of water - both upstream from Lake Awoonga and all the way to the mouth of the river.

We had all thought the 4m of water over the Awoonga Dam spillway in 2001 was pretty big, but that record was easily broken with the 8m which spilled over that day and in the ensuing few days.

Baffle Creek also showed its true colours once again and the communities alongside again suffered from the deluge.

The tavern in the tiny township had re-opened just a few weeks prior, following a rebuild after the 2010/11 floods. Once again the building was hit hard with water a metre high inside.

Floodwaters on Gladstone Benaraby Rd.
Floodwaters on Gladstone Benaraby Rd. Christopher Chan GLAMANN