Social media app Snapchat. Contributed
Social media app Snapchat. Contributed

The first Snapchat filter planned to be made here

FISHING is taking a new turn with the age of the selfie.

Encouraging youth to take up the sport, the Boyne Tannum HookUp Association (BTHUA) plan to create a Snapchat filter they say is the first for our region.

The BTHUA Youth Committee member Lewis Cooper said the Snapchat filter will allow children at the 2017 fishing event to take photos of themselves with a filter over the top of the image, possibly a fish face.

"I think this is the first time anyone in the region would have set up a geo-filter," Cooper said.

"The Snapchat geo-filter would run for the three days of the event and only people in the Bray Park area will be able to use it."

Aimed at increasing the numbers of under 16's participation in the 2017 fishing competition, the geo-filter will only work within the vicinity of the event, making it a great way for kids to get involved.

The BTHUA Youth Committee chair person Paige Gaffey said she enjoys putting energy into the group and will be including the use of social media platforms.

"I think it's a really good opportunity to get involved in the community," Gaffey said.

"I am planning on putting a lot of time into volunteering. It's really fun."

The BTHUA spokesperson said the students are learning valuable event management skills through the youth committee, which forms part of their senior learning.

The BTHUA are looking for a local business to sponsor the Snapchat geo-filter and any interested businesses can email