The Fergies are returning to this year's Under the Trees festival.
The Fergies are returning to this year's Under the Trees festival.

The Fergies family return for second festival

THE Fergies were surprised at how vibrant last years Under the Trees event was.

The band's manager and father Mark Ferguson said it showed live music was alive and well.

"We didn't expect to find such a vibrant festival," he said.

"It was absolutely sensational, it went off."

The Fergies have been playing shows since 2007.

"They're all brothers and sisters," Mr Ferguson said.

"Shani, the youngest member, played her first pub gig when she was eight, it was like she was born to be there.

"They're a pretty special crew when they hit the stage."

Hailing from Nerangba in Brisbane, The Fergies have played at many major events including the Woodford Folk Festival, Riverstage, Caloundra Music Festival, the Tivoli Theatre and the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

One highlight of their career was playing at the opening ceremony of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

But to keep themselves grounded as performers, they regularly busk on the streets of Brisbane.

"They have a pretty big following," Mr Ferguson said.

"They seem to attract people who want to get up and dance and have a good time.

"They really appreciate people who turn up to their shows."

The Fergies released their first studio album last year 'For Every Son and Daughter'.

"It's a combination of folk, plus rock with a little bit of blues and funk thrown in," Mr Ferguson said.

"They've also released a mini album this year, 'The Peace Album'."

As for the future, the band haven't played overseas; yet.

"They're hoping to target the US, UK and Europe in 2019," he said.

"They're keen to go, but right now they're doing what you could call their music apprenticeship."