The eight faces likely to form council

A CLIFFHANGER awaits the Gladstone Regional Council candidates holding on to the last two positions among the top eight, with results from more than 10,000 ballots yet to be counted.

For Karen Porter, the final results could see her move up from position nine and secure a seat around the council table to serve a second term.

The latest results, including ballots from Gladstone Central, West Gladstone, Mount Larcom, Rosedale and Ubobo show former sitting councillor Ms Porter just 181 votes behind newcomer Kahn Goodluck.

While the top four positions have been consistent since results from the first large booth, Clinton, were released; there has been movement among the final four.

For the past two days Alex Staines has been locked in a nailbiting contest with Lynette Dahl and Ms Porter as he chases Mr Goodluck.

Ms Dahl has dropped back significantly and now trails the main group by more than 200 votes.

However that could change when the results from Tannum Sands are released, figures Ms Dahl is relying on.

Ms Porter has described the constant shift in numbers as a "yoyo" and is waiting for the final numbers rather than following the results of each booth as they're released by the Electoral Commission.

She said if the end count showed a close call between her and Mr Goodluck, she wouldn't be calling for a re-count.

"I trust the system... and Kahn is a very worthy adversary," Ms Porter said. "I respect him tremendously and wish him the best.

"If he is the one the community has voted in then I totally support that decision."

We're still waiting on results from Seaview, Tannum Sands, Kin Kora and the pre-poll ballots. Once all the booths have been counted and the top eight officially declared, the new councillors will be sworn in at the first meeting.

Counting hasn't finished and the positions yet to be declared, but here are the eight people leading the polls in the race for a seat around the council table.

Chris Trevor, councillor candidate 2016
Chris Trevor, councillor candidate 2016

Chris Trevor leads the pack by almost 2000 votes.

He based his campaign on addressing three key issues: aged care, fiscal management and employment.

Mr Trevor is a seasoned politician who previously held the Federal seat of Flynn.

Votes: 10,113





Cindi Bush, councillor candidate 2016
Cindi Bush, councillor candidate 2016

Cindi Bush says one her strengths is effective communication.

During her campaign she named rates, jobs and listening to the community as key issues. 

Votes: 8264 






Rick Hansen, councillor candidate 2016
Rick Hansen, councillor candidate 2016

Rick Hansen is on track to be returned to the council. 

Like Chris Trevor, Mr Hansen considers aged care a critical issue for the region.

His platform was also based on more support for small business and ensuring ratepayers receive "value for money".

Votes: 8100




Glenn Churchill, councillor candidate 2016
Glenn Churchill, councillor candidate 2016







This won't be the first time Glenn Churchill has served on a council; he is the former mayor of Banana Shire and an established leader in this community after heading tourism organisation

Votes: 7761







PJ Sobhanian, councillor candidate 2016
PJ Sobhanian, councillor candidate 2016

Although P.J. Sobhanian will be returning to the council table, this will be the first time he has been elected to the position.

Aged care, health and employment were key issues outlined in his campaign.

Votes: 7563






Desley O'Grady, councillor candidate 2016


The self-proclaimed queen of Calliope Desley O'Grady has performed well at all regional booths despite running a relatively quiet campaign.

She hasn't firmly proposed many changes, but is determined to listen before acting.

Votes: 7393






Peter Masters, councillor candidate 2016
Peter Masters, councillor candidate 2016

The man who based his campaign around respect appears to have won the respect of voters.

Peter Masters says he will work well in a team and has the expertise to improve the council's operation, starting with rates.

Votes: 7011






Kahn Goodluck
Kahn Goodluck

Boilermaker Kahn Goodluck has run a solid grass roots campaign that included door knocking to win support.

If he can hold on to his position, Mr Goodluck is determined to increase affordability and help create jobs.

Votes: 6533