We should be doing more to look after the grandparents in our community.
We should be doing more to look after the grandparents in our community.

The 'draconian' barriers facing grandparents

GRANDMUM and granddad are the foundations of any family.

They are special when you are a child.

What are grandchildren? The rewards you get from your children.

The Grandies babysit when asked.

They do childcare when you are committed to your workplace or need to go out to functions and your children are not on the invitation list.

They are the mature ones who can give good advice, support and also to others not necessarily within your family.

Perhaps they have saved a bit of wealth over their 50 years of working life but ended up on the aged pension.

So what rewards do they get for their contributions to society?

Successive governments who want to lower their aged pension and place them in financial hardship.

Of course I am referring to the current asset barriers placed upon aged pensioners. These barriers are draconian.

Nothing like the stress of being called in by Centrelink when you are 85 years old to answer what is your household furniture worth.

This is causing health problems for the aged.

The increase in heart attacks and cancers could be attributed to this stress, or is this the way treasurers and PMs are lowering the numbers of the aged?

It is a gutless, bullying, deceitful action to lower asset barriers, thus pensions, for the aged to finance yourself with a $10,000 pay rise.

How much are all these ex-PMs costing the Treasury?

Why does Joe Hockey reside in a US mansion with entertainment costs enough to finance a state budget?

The High Commissioner for Australia in London has $1000 lunches.

Yet the aged pensioner must provide a value for their household cutlery.

As my first sentences in this letter explain, the aged pensioner Grandie provides more value to our society than the current cake eaters of our Parliament.

When voting next, I ask you to remember the financial hardships currently being placed on your beloved Grandies.

Claire De Ellae,