QUEENSLAND radio personality Jess Eva is bringing some bogan back to The Block.

While fans are still getting used to a season with no Sticks or Wombat, Jess, and her fiance Norm, are doing their bit to bring a lighter side to The Block.

The Sunshine Coast pair have shot to the top of the fan favourite's list after showing their good Aussie humour on episode 4 of The Block 2018.

Jess and Norm.
Jess and Norm.

While the opening episodes of the season have been 50 per cent orchestrated drama, 30 per cent product placement, 15 per cent repeat footage, and 5 per cent building, Jess's contribution to Wednesday's episode was like a breath of fresh air.

With three teams vying for the services of The Block legend landscaper Dave Franklin, Jess thought she was in the box seat after offering him beer.

But it turns out Franklin was more interested in netball lessons for his daughter, so chose Bianca and Carla to work with.

And while not happy on missing out on Franklin's winning skills, Jess was fine to just have a joke about it.

Pro-netballer Bianca had told Franklin "we're the funnest team," but it would seem the landscaper was drawn to "the best view".

The couple are here to have fun, and win.
The couple are here to have fun, and win.

Jess was initially shocked when they heard Carla and Bianca had won the all-star landscaper's services.

"I didn't even know the girls wanted him," Jess said

"Why'd he go for them? Is it because they're Olympians?

"I've been calling him like a stalking ex-girlfriend for the past five days

"I offered him beer, I offered him a barbecue, what was wrong with that?"

"He'll rue the day he rejected Norm and Jess".

Later that evening when Franklin attended a special The Block party he shared a hilarious text from Jess with everyone.

"Dave it's Jess from the Block … devastated," she had written. "I'm going to wee in your plants when you've planted them next door."

And instead of thunderclouds and Blockagedon being called, everyone had a laugh and moved on.

In the way you might expect from a 7.30pm family show.

Jess is like a breath of fresh air to The Block.
Jess is like a breath of fresh air to The Block.

But, episode 4 was more than just a bit of bogan good fun; it was all about winning the weekly $10,000 bonus.

Naturally, fans were stoked when their new favourites - Jess and Norm - walked away with it.

"With the bathroom, we really wanted to create an emotion of elegance and Zen," Jess said.

"We wanted this to be a space where people could relax.

"I feel that when you're on the dunny, or you're in the shower it's probably the only peace you're going to get so you may as well make it magical.

"So that's the space we tried to create.

"This isn't just someone's penthouse, it's someone's castle."

And that's exactly why this couple are putting a 2.5m high tree in there bathroom this week.

As Jess would say: "So (the plan is) you're going to poop next to a plant"

What's not to love about that logic.

Sara wasn’t happy when Jess and Norm won the weekly prize.
Sara wasn’t happy when Jess and Norm won the weekly prize.

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