EXCEPTIONAL: Momentum True Wireless earphones.
EXCEPTIONAL: Momentum True Wireless earphones.

The best earphones you can buy?

WITH a price tag of almost $500, Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless earphones would want to be bloody good.

And they are. These are the best sounding things I have put in my ears all year.

Exceptional true to life bass, combined with an incredible range of sounds, delivers music as you have never heard it before. I found myself playing songs that I had not played for ages, just to hear the little nuances I'd missed out on.

Super comfortable, they fit snug in the ear, blocking out surrounding sound, even on windy days while walking on the beach.

They also come with a transparent hearing feature which allows for situational awareness, or to join a conversation without taking them out.

While larger than most, they look smart with metallic details on the outer face while the fabric wrapped case looks super classy.

The earphones are controlled via simple taps on both the left and right one. You can change tracks, turn your music volume up and down by holding the left and right earphones and access Apple Siri or Google Assistant. The controls do take a little while to master but soon gel.

I found the earphones easy to connect - as they in pairing mode out of the box - and to connect to another device you simply hold both of them for five seconds.

They have a four hour battery life and can be recharged via the compact case to provide more than 12 hours of listening. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Definitely if you love your music.