The 13 seats where election will be won or lost


These 13 seats have become the key battlegrounds in this election campaign, where a strong result could make or break a premier:

Grace Grace
Grace Grace




Incumbent: Grace Grace (ALP)

Margin: 7.86%

Contenders: Pinky Singh (LNP), Kirsten Lovejoy (Greens)

Issues: Population growth, traffic congestion, lack of green space and the impact of COVID-19 on businesses.



Jackie Trad
Jackie Trad



South Brisbane

Incumbent: Jackie Trad (ALP)

Margin: 3.55%

Contenders: Amy MacMahon (Greens), Clem Grehan (LNP)

Issues: Economy and development. Nearly 10,000 workers are on JobKeeper.



Brittany Lauga.
Brittany Lauga.





Incumbent: Brittany Lauga (ALP)

Margin: 3.14%

Contenders: Adrian De Groot (LNP), Wade Rothery (ON)

Issues: Ensuring tourists keep visiting Keppel. Youth crime, vegetation management and jobs.



Sandy Bolton
Sandy Bolton



Incumbent: Sandy Bolton (IND)

Margin: 11.53%

Contenders: Mark Denham (ALP), James Blevin (LNP)

Issues: The LNP has upped its attacks on Ms Bolton over her perceived close relationship with Labor. Tourism and the environment. There are many retirees living in the area and there has also been an increase in young families.



Craig Crawford
Craig Crawford



Barron River

Incumbent: Craig Crawford (ALP)

Margin: 1.86%

Contenders: Linda Cooper (LNP), Susan Andrews (ON)

Issues: Employment and the post-COVID recovery.




Mark McArdle
Mark McArdle




Incumbent: Mark McArdle (LNP) - RETIRING

Margin: 3.41%

Contenders: Stuart Coward (LNP), Jason Hunt (ALP), Luke Poland (ON)

Issues: Bruce Highway congestion, employment. The region is expecting decades of population growth in large developments.



Corrine McMillan
Corrine McMillan





Incumbent: Corrine McMillan (ALP)

Margin: 1.62%

Contenders: Janet Wishart (LNP)

Issues: Traffic issues and overdevelopment in Rochedale, crime on the southside.




Bart Mellish
Bart Mellish




Incumbent: Bart Mellish (ALP)

Margin: 1.17%

Contenders: Amanda Cooper (LNP)

Issues: Health, crime and road projects including Gympie Road and the Beams Road level crossing.




Simone Wilson
Simone Wilson




Incumbent: Simone Wilson (LNP) - RETIRING

Margin: 0.84%

Contenders: Fiona Gaske (LNP), Ali King (ALP), Ross Konowalenko (ON)

Issues: Local infrastructure, the handling of the pandemic.




David Batt
David Batt




Incumbent: David Batt (LNP)

Margin: 4.2%

Contenders: Tom Smith (ALP), Stewart Jones (ON)

Issues: Labor has previously held the seat including in 2015. Paradise Dam has been an issue during this campaign.



Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart




Incumbent: Scott Stewart (ALP)

Margin: 0.38%

Contenders: John Hathaway (LNP), Joshua Schwarz (KAP), Clive Clarkson (PHON)

Issues: Home and car break-ins. Economic recovery.




Laura Gerber
Laura Gerber




Incumbent: Laura Gerber (LNP)

Margin: 1.23%

Contenders: Kaylee Campradt (ALP), Richard Stuckey (IND), Anna Palmer (UAP)

Issues: LNP MP Jann Stuckey vacated this seat earlier this year and the party managed to hang on against a strong Labor showing. The by-election was marred with LNP infighting whipped along by Stuckey and she's at it again this election.




Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson




Incumbent: Mark Robinson (LNP)

Margin: 7.24%

Contenders: Irene Henley (ALP), Claire Richardson (IND)

Issues: Ms Richardson ran a mayoral campaign where she scored a high vote in Oodgeroo booths this year. She has also seized on community anger over plans to develop Toondah Harbour.







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