Teys Australia CEO Brad Teys. Photo: File
Teys Australia CEO Brad Teys. Photo: File

Teys CEO reacts as court fines company for worker injury

CEO Brad Teys responded to Rockhampton Magistrate Court’s decision to fine Teys Australia Biloela Pty Ltd $75,000 as a result of a worker’s injury in 2016.

Court documents showed Sheryl Tickner fell two metres from a hide puller, part of which was broken, and hit his head on the concrete ground below.

Outside the courtroom on Friday, Mr Teys said Mr Tickner was a long-term employee of his company at Innisvale and at Biloela.

He said he visited him in hospital several times.

“He’s well known to me,” Mr Teys said.

“We’re never feeling very good about anyone getting injured at any of our sites.

“It’s just not what we want to happen. People should be able to come to work and their health and safety be assured.”

Mr Teys said that as a result of the charges laid against it, the company had adopted a better way of detecting fractures in machinery.

“We constantly upgrade our workplace health and safety programs, but in that particular machine it’s a sort of dye and hairline fracture detection that can’t be detected with the naked eye,” he said.

“Everything was amicably resolved: Mr Tickner is pursuing his common law claims, so that will get finalised in due course.

“That’s the end of the sad affair.”