The Jayde Kendall story: Schoolgirl remembered four years on


THE tiny community of Gatton has never forgotten slain schoolgirl Jayde Kendall.

Today marks four years since she was reported missing. She was later found murdered, and fellow teenager Brenden Bennetts was convicted of the cold-blooded killing.

Despite the annual walk through Lake Apex in remembrance of Jayde being cancelled today, the girl will not be forgotten as hundreds of purple hearts fill her Justice4Jayde Facebook page.

This afternoon, a picture of Jayde's memorial was posted on the page with the words "You will live in our hearts forever, Jayde".


You will live in our hearts forever Jayde💜💜💜

Posted by Justice4Jayde on Tuesday, 13 August 2019

People have flooded the page today with tributes, including "Always in my heart and thoughts," and "never forgotten".

Jayde Kendall with her killer Brenden Bennetts.
Jayde Kendall with her killer Brenden Bennetts.

The 'Day of Awareness Walk' symbolises Jayde's message to "be aware of where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, the circumstances you could be placing yourself in and always tell someone where you are going".

A post on the Facebook page yesterday said the event was cancelled due to "personal reasons".

"Please visit the memorial if you wish to, it belongs to all of us," the post read.

On August 14, Jayde made the fateful decision to arrange to meet the man later found guilty of killing hertexting him that she was "nervous" before their meetup.

Her cold-blooded killer, Brenden Bennetts, tried desperately to cover his tracks after the teenage girl was found dead, covered in grass, in a lonely paddock on a property at Upper Tenthill.

She was still in her Lockyer District High School uniform.

Jayde's father Bruce said on the first day of the trial that his daughter was "always dedicated to her studies" and said how he had waited to pick his daughter up from her shift at McDonald's about 9pm, but was told she had never clocked on.

Bennetts was convicted of murder in 2017 and appealed the decision in 2018, but lost.

Jayde's father urged parole authorities to think of their own children when they debate the release of her killer in 20 years or more.

"It's a senseless waste, but I just want her to be remembered for the spirit that she was, just the kind, gentle and innocent girl who was taken way too soon... There was no need for it, really no need for it," he said in 2017.