Leading Edge staff start looking for new jobs

INSTEAD of being at work, Leading Edge Telecoms employee Donna Bennetts found herself at Centrelink yesterday.

The mother-of-two was expecting to be working as usual this week at the Yeppoon store, but instead found out through a colleague that the company had shut up shop.

But Donna said she was one of about 30-40 employees throughout central Queensland who were not getting explanation of why they are out of work.

The Observer reported yesterday that employees at six stores across the region, including at Gladstone, received a text message over the weekend to say that they wouldn't be needed on Monday.

"It's just rude and not right what they've done," Donna said.

On Monday Donna said she'd been at Centrelink trying to get help, as her rent was due and she had two children to provide for.

"I loved my job," she said.

"We have customers with us and we haven't even had time to ease them into another Telstra store, and I have things I'm supposed to follow up.

"We'd love to help our customers, but we can't."

Donna said while work at the Yeppoon store was slower than expected over Christmas, there had been no indication the store would close.

Donna doesn't even know if she's still employed or if she'll receive her next pay check. She still hasn't heard a word from the company.

Attempts to contact Leading Edge Telecoms and the owners have been unsuccessful.

Telstra state media manager Matthew Martyn-Jones issued a statement to The Observer about the closure.

"Customers affected by this sudden and unexpected closure are encouraged to contact our friendly and helpful Telstra store teams in Rockhampton, Gladstone, Emerald and Yeppoon," the statement read.

"Our teams will work closely with affected customers to ensure minimal disruption and inconvenience and the fulfillment of any outstanding repair orders."