AUSSIE hip-hop is making its way through central Queensland's neighbourhood.

Rockhampton-based hip-hop rapper Test One has recently released his debut album, Testamonial and is keen to get his tracks out to CQ audiences.

"It was a natural progression," he said about his music career. "I was always into sign writing and got into graffiti."

From 2006 Test One spent almost two years in Gladstone, but was often working away in Agnes Water as a plumber.

Now his music is a full-time gig.

Testamonial includes great diversity track to track from beginning to end, appealing to a mix of ages.

The album is full of fantastic lyrical content that offers an in-depth insight into both the artist and his views.

Mastered by audio wizard Keith Walters, there is quality sound added to the overall mix of the album, giving the beats a nice punch and the melodies a razor like edge.

Surprisingly recorded in a home bedroom, Test One shows how easy it is to get some catchy beats and lyrics to the streets.

Test One said his influences range from Tool, Incubus to Jurassic 5 and Kate Miller-Heidke.

"She (Kate) talks about real things," he said.

And with strong messages incorporated in Test One's songs - Testamonial clearly follows suit.

The artist said his rough upbringing plays a huge influence to his music, as does other real-life issues.

Tracks like Wreckless Endangerment focuses on dangerous driving, while another track is dedicated to the Anzacs and others to the detrimental life of crime.

Yet Testamonial embraces variety, with additional tracks like Creatures of Habbit and Dark Clouds or Takin' Over - focused on bass - are heavy listening to get the subs pumping.

The young artist has experienced things that many would never see in a lifetime.

"I've been shot and stabbed," he admits.

And while he does endorse some of the encounters he has faced, Test One said he was willing to use his experiences to influence his lyrics and in turn help others stay away from those situations.

"It's not about telling people I've lived a hard life - it's getting a positive message out there," he said.

The young artist is set to launch his beats throughout the CQ region, including performances in Rockhampton and Gladstone.

And plans are already on the horizon for his next album with MC Ryantix. The album will be a collection from the duo - The Verbivors.

It's not about telling people I've lived a hard life - it's getting a positive message out there

Ryantix said he too has had his fair share of hardships and his lyrical-goal is to reach out to others.

"It's so people don't even go there in the first place," he said.

Originally from Brisbane, Ryantix said he did go through a series of drug struggles.

"I've been there and got out of it," he said.

Now he is keen to send the message to the streets.

For Test One's upcoming Gladstone launch, Ryantix will be more than ready to support.

And while the duo are yet to schedule a date, they are currently looking for any MCs or hip-hop dancers looking to join their launch for Testamonial.

"I'm hoping in the long term to get more well known and make a bit of a name for ourselves," Test One said.

For anyone interested in joining Test One's Gladstone launch email

For more information or to order this album contact Test One on the JFK Studios website at