Harbour City Accounting QLD has struck down rumours of their closure.
Harbour City Accounting QLD has struck down rumours of their closure. Contributed

'Terrible': The rumour that has impacted local accountants

HARBOUR City Accounting Qld has informed current and future clients they are open for business.

The Breslin St firm, which has been active for over 30 years, has dispelled rumours they have closed down.

Manager Penny Farrell was informed last week about it, and she said the rumours had affected their revenue.

"It's been terrible,” Ms Farrell said. "One thing that has occurred is that some of our clients have left and gone to other accountants.”

She said damage from the rumours was already too late to be rectified.

"We were a bit on the back foot,” she said. "We've had a realisation - and we've got to try and recover.”

Before Ms Farrell was made aware of the rumour, she was left wondering why so many of her clients were leaving.

"We couldn't understand where everyone was going and what was happening,” she said.

On further investigation, the business had also noticed regular clients going missing through their online tax portal.

"Sometimes there are glitches in the system,” she said.

However, when the accounting team contacted clients to double check, they weren't aware of such a transfer.

"We don't know exactly what is going on there and we're trying to work on it in the background,” she said.

Harbour City Accounting offers to do tax returns for both individuals and businesses, BAS lodgements and bookkeeping for small businesses.

"We're absolutely committed to serving the Gladstone community like we always have been,” she said.