The fatal police shooting of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker in Yuendumu has been officially referred to ICAC. Picture: Matt Garrick
The fatal police shooting of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker in Yuendumu has been officially referred to ICAC. Picture: Matt Garrick

Teen’s fatal police shooting referred to ICAC

THE fatal police shooting of Kumanjayi Walker has been officially referred to ICAC on the same day the officer who pulled the trigger was targeted by online trolls posting death threats against him.

ICAC Commissioner Ken Fleming QC said the corruption watchdog had the power to investigate alleged unsatisfactory conduct by NT police.

Mr Fleming expected NT Police to provide full access to "all available information" relating to the tragic incident in Yuendumu on Saturday.

"The ICAC appreciates the complexity of parallel internal and coronial investigations, as well as NT Police's efforts in addressing concerns in the community and the wellbeing of those who have been impacted by this event," he said.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner, Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison and NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker arrived in the community on Tuesday afternoon.

Facebook is removing posts naming and publishing images of the police officer who shot and killed Mr Walker in Yuendumu, while the NT Police Association president has said he is appalled by social media posts about officers involved.

NT Police has also raised concerns about social media influencing witnesses.

The NT News has not identified the police officer, who is being targeted on social media.

The officer was previously in the army and had been a serving cop for just short of three years.

One message outed the officer and described him as a "white dog" and that he will "die mutha fu**a".

In a statement, NTPA president Paul McCue, who is in Alice Springs, said he had spoken with the officers involved and he was appalled by recent social media posts.

"It is incomprehensible that nothing more than innuendo and rumour is being posted on social media, while an active investigation is currently underway into the circumstances surrounding the shooting," Mr McCue said.

"These officers are highly respected members of the police force and have served the community of the Northern Territory, including Central Australia, for some time.

"To brandish irresponsible language about those officers involved before knowing the facts is disrespectful to them and their families. They are brave officers whose job is to serve and protect the community, putting their life on the line every day in doing so."

NT Police acknowledged the Yuendumu and Warlpiri community's grief but said public commentary, especially on social media, could influence witnesses and not allow the investigation to run its full course.

The investigation into the death is being overseen by senior WA police officer and current NT Police Assistant Commissioner Nick Anticich.

Further oversight is being exercised by the NT Ombudsman and the NT ICAC.