Teens cop a bum rap thanks to barely-there clothes

Miley Cyrus performs at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Not surprisingly, her twerk-tacular created more interest than her song.
Miley Cyrus performs at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Not surprisingly, her twerk-tacular created more interest than her song. Charles Sykes

PARENTS of the Gladstone region I implore you, clothe your children.

I've worn short shorts, but there's a limit on teenage decency.

I personally think the only cheeks tweens should be showing are on top of a glorious grin on their face from having fun.

Growing up as a nipper, I'm sure there was a time where I had the odd bit of bum exposed, but then it was only from a ripper wave causing a wedgie - be assured, mortification would have followed.

This fashion-focused warning may seem premature, but it seems to me the winter chill in central Queensland was a bit shorter this year.

According to the ever-increasing Melbournians in the office, it's simply non-existent.

I've seen a few outfits of late that could have done with a glance from a concerned parent.

I'm no fuddy duddy, but I don't think pants with the amount of fabric of barely-there knickers can really be considered shorts.

I visited Brisbane on the weekend, so I realise our fair city isn't alone when it comes to youngsters starting to flash flesh this month.

And with celebs deciding not to don pants while performing, it's easy to see why kids want to follow suit.

Saying all this, after watching Miley Cyrus's much-talked about MTV Video Music Awards this week, I have to admit I didn't see what all the fuss was about.

I think it's an age thing - she's 20, not 12. I may not have been a fan of her twerk-tacular, but she's old enough to know what she's doing.

She also hasn't marketed herself as a Disney starlet for quite some time, so I don't think there's the "role model" issue in play.

However, I do think it is a shame that her voice, which should be the focus, is now overshadowed.

And that's the point I want to make.

I'm constantly impressed by the achievements of our youth - you need only see the weekly nominees for our Kids of Spirit awards to know our future is bright.

In saying that, I'd love to keep focusing on their achievements and not be worried about what they're wearing - or not wearing, to be more precise.

There's plenty of time later in life to channel sex appeal, so why not let kids be kids?

If that means there needs to be a bit of tough love before youngsters leave the front door or tightening of purse strings from parents, I say go for it.

In need of something to do this weekend with the kids? How about bringing out a deck of cards? I learnt a thought-provoking and fun game from friends in Brisbane last Sunday called Mafia. I've found a similar version of the game online here, but it's called The Resistance.