Teenager Jamie Murphy's Bali nightmare over

TEENAGER Jamie Murphy has walked free from a Bali police station after it was confirmed that white powder found on him was not illicit drugs but painkillers.

The 18-year-old from Perth escaped charges after authorities confirmed the white powder he was found with was most likely crushed up paracetamol.

Blood and urine tests on Murphy, to test for the presence of drugs, also came back negative.

The Bali nightclub where the teenager was grabbed by police has now apologised for using "excessive force" and ordered the guard to undergo security training.

Sky Garden Management released a statement saying they would like to "extend a sincere apology to Jamie, his family and friends. Our company procedure is to hand over suspects peacefully to police if we feel they've committed a crime at Sky Garden," it read.

"We have reprimanded the security in question and he will not be permitted to come back to work until he has completed and passed another round of police security training."

Murphy was celebrating with fellow graduates from their Perth high school in the entertainment precinct of Kuta at the time.

The club said a guard had been ordered to hold his head by police for a picture.
The club said a guard had been ordered to hold his head by police for a picture.

The dramatic picture showed Murphy with his eyes closed and a guard's hands around his neck, prompting a major national news story when Murphy was arrested and handed over to police by security forces for allegedly carrying a small plastic bag containing white powder.

Following his arrest just after midnight on Tuesday, the teen spent two nights in police custody with the terrifying threat of a maximum 12 years in an Indonesia jail hanging over his head.

He was released by Bali police overnight and into the care of his distraught parents Brendan and Anna Murphy, who flew to Bali early yesterday from their Perth home to be with their son.

The teenager said nothing as he was led past the waiting press on Wednesday night and towards a waiting vehicle parked outside the police station.

Authorities said Murphy didn't know what he was purchasing when he bought the white powder off the street.

Kuta Police chief Wayan Sumara described the Aussie teen as "very lucky".

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