Dicey's Bar and Grill at Gladstone on Dawson Hwy.
Dicey's Bar and Grill at Gladstone on Dawson Hwy.

Teen to pay $800 compo after Dicey's courtesy bus smash

A TEENAGER has been ordered to pay $800 compensation to Dicey's Bar and Grill for smashing up its courtesy bus after he was refused entry.

Sachin Stewart Gary Doyle had no criminal history and had recently turned 18 before his offending on June 20.

He pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to one count of wilful damage.

The court was told on the night of offending Doyle had been drinking with friends when they decided to attend Dicey's about 10.30pm.

Doyle did not have any form of identification and consequently was not allowed entry to the bar.

The 18-year-old was left outside as his friends went inside, the court was told.

Doyle became aggressive to patrons and the manager of the bar.

There was an argument but Doyle walked away.

The court was told as Doyle walked off, he punched the back windscreen of the bar's courtesy bus, causing it to shatter.

Defence lawyer Lauren Townsend said after Doyle swung at the window he was taken to hospital for injuries to his hand.

Ms Townsend said her client had no form of ID and could not afford to organise any.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said it was "ironic” how he could afford to drink at a bar but not pay for an ID.

Ms Townsend said it was a combination of factors that prevented Doyle from getting an ID.

Doyle was ordered to pay compensation to Dicey's and was also placed on a good behaviour bond for six months.

A conviction was not recorded.