VIOLENT ATTACK: A teenager was fined for threatening to cut himself after an argument with an ex-partner.
VIOLENT ATTACK: A teenager was fined for threatening to cut himself after an argument with an ex-partner.

Teen threatens to cut his own throat after spat with ex

A TEENAGER who threatened to cut his own throat during an argument with his ex-partner left court with a $1000 fine.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said a month later on October 13, police were called to an address in Dalby at 1am because of a disturbance on the street.

Witnesses told police the defendant, 19, was seen holding a metal pole and was banging on the front door of the house of the victim, his ex-partner.

The court heard the defendant was aggressive, threw rocks at the house and demanded the victim to "come with him".

The defendant pulled a knife from his pants, held it to his own neck and said the victim, "If you don't come with me I'll start cutting myself".

The defendant was also heard yelling to the victim's brother, saying words to the effect of "come out you putrid junkie, fight me". He was also heard calling the victim's brother a "hep C junkie".

The defendant's ex-partner eventually left with him before police found the pair and arrested the offender.

This followed a separate incident on August 15, when the defendant missed an appointment for his drug diversion program because he had "forgotten" about it.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service lawyer Michael McElhinney told the court his client was "extremely remorseful and embarrassed", and said he had "no explanation" for what caused the outburst.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop noted the incident seemed "highly out of character" for the defendant.

When Ms Mossop asked the defendant if he valued his job, the defendant responded saying "100 per cent".

"When you go and do stupid things … it shows that you don't value your job, because that's what you put at risk," Ms Mossop replied.

The defendant pleaded guilty to contravening the direction or requirement of police, and going armed so as to cause fear as a domestic violence offence.

He was fined $1000, and no conviction was recorded.

"It seems to me that you're a mature man for your age," Ms Mossop said.

"So let's keep that up from here on out."