FRIGHTENING: A break-in has robbed Ally Shaw of her car and peace of mind.
FRIGHTENING: A break-in has robbed Ally Shaw of her car and peace of mind. Ashley Phillhofer

Teen struggling after home invasion

LOOKING over her shoulder 17-year-old Ally Shaw is afraid to sleep with the lights out.

After experiencing a "terrifying" break-in at her childhood home on Monday, the teenager feels unsafe in her own bedroom.

"I was sitting on my bed and I heard a creak first on the floorboards," she said. "Then I looked out and my brother and my dad were in their rooms. I heard another creak on the stairs."

Realising something was amiss, Ally tiptoed downstairs to investigate. She found the back door wide open and she watched through the large window in the living room as thieves "screamed" out of the driveway in her car.

"I looked out at my car. I realised that if it was a break-in someone is going to take my car," she said.

"I was frozen. Then the car skidded out the driveway and it felt like my stomach was coming out through my mouth."

To make it worse, Ally said the thieves abandoned the car after ramming into a give-way sign less than a kilometre away.

"It is supposed to be extremely safe where I live," she said.

Ally said ramming into the sign "ripped up" the underside of her car leaving her with a repair bill currently sitting at more than $1000. The car was her prized possession and she needs it to get to work.

"It has affected every part of my life," she said.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said officers were investigating a report of a burglary at Normanby Court Mount Pleasant on April 1.

"So far no one has been arrested or charged," they said. "Anyone with information or who saw anything suspicious in the area around Normanby Court on April 1 is urged to contact police."

Ally is also calling for any witnesses who may have seen what happened to contact police.

"I am desperately hoping someone saw anything," she said.

  • If you have information, contact Policelink on 131444 or use the online form 24hrs per day. You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, on 1800333000 or via crime 24hrs per day. Quote reference number: QP 1900649728