A PARAMEDIC student who fell at least eight metres down the Point Cartwright cliff face remained so calm and collected she called an ambulance on her own behalf.

Elisabeth Fairley not only remained conscious but was able to describe her injuries and gave information such as her heart rate to emergency services.

Miss Fairley, believed to be 18, fell while climbing the cliff face beneath the lighthouse just before 4pm yesterday.

She and a friend, Brad Ebdon, had been walking around the Point when they decided to climb.

"I was at this level," Mr Ebdon, said pointing to a ledge about four metres high.

"She was up higher and insisted on going on all the way up.

"She wanted to take the hard route and as soon as she did that, a rock fell beneath her foot."

Mr Ebdon feared Miss Fairley had been killed or seriously injured in the fall.

"She hit the ground and wasn't moving," he said.

"I thought the worst but she started talking straight away."

He said Miss Fairley, a first year University of the Sunshine Coast student, called the ambulance herself.

"She's studying to be a paramedic and kept talking because she wanted to stay conscious," he said.

Miss Fairley sustained grazes to her legs and damage to her ankle but precautions were taken in case of spinal injuries.

Mr Ebdon said she had fallen feet first which may have saved her from more serious injuries.

He said she knew at least three people who treated her through her studies.

Firefighters were on hand to carry the stretcher across rocks to a parked ambulance if necessary.

But the RACQ CareFlight Helicopter Rescue Service was able to land on rocks at the base of Point Cartwright and airlift her from the scene.

Mr Ebdon said all his friend was worried about was whether or not she would be able to play in a scheduled gridiron match last night.

"I think that's the end of her season," he said.

Ms Fairley fell about 50-100 metres east of where two young men died after a vain attempt to rescue their fatally injured friend in 2010.