GLADSTONE AMBASSADOR: Lisa Davies has been awarded trainee of the year.
GLADSTONE AMBASSADOR: Lisa Davies has been awarded trainee of the year. Lisa Davies

Teen crowned Trainee of the Year for passion for Gladstone

GLADSTONE teen Lisa Davies' genuine passion for the region has launched her into her first career and has also seen her crowned Trainee of the Year.

The 19-year-old, who scored her dream gig as a trainee at Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd said an internship she did two years ago inspired her.

"I did work experience in 2016 and it was just very good timing because the two days I was at GAPDL a cruise ship just happened to dock in at Gladstone,” the former Chanel College girl said.

"There was so much excitement in the air at the Feast on East markets and it made me really proud to call Gladstone home.”

Lisa, who has lived in Gladstone her whole life, said events and tourism has always a been long-term goal for her and owes it all to her mentors at GAPDL.

"I always wanted to do something with events and tourism as a job and GADPL had both of these elements, which I have really enjoyed,” Lisa said.

"My mentor Brigitte James has shown me all the ropes and we work pretty closely now. She's taught me a lot.”

Lisa said her parents were very proud of how far she had come.

"When you say Gladstone to people they don't automatically see it the way I do,” Lisa said.

"I want to help people see what a special place it is and how exciting our region really is.

"There is a fun side to our town that needs to be explored.”

Lisa grew up on her family's cattle property in Boyne Valley and said the events and tourism in Gladstone are offering a new experience to locals.

"I love when I meet tourists,” she said.

"You get a chance to tell them about all the amazing things and give them the local tips on town life.

"They get so excited and want to know everything.”

Lisa said she is often recommending day trips to visitors.

"The thing about the region is that you need to spend quality time here,” she said.

"We would love to get a reef trip going where people can spend longer out in the reef.”

The teen said despite the number of things there are to do in Gladstone she loved nothing more than going home to Boyne Valley.

"You've got to love the outdoors to love it here,” Lisa said.

"I love that I still have that personal connection to this place.

"A lot of my friends from school have stayed in Gladstone too.”