Police Arrest Police Usage Handcuffs Detention
Police Arrest Police Usage Handcuffs Detention

Teen charged for double car theft, serious police assault

A TEENAGER has been arrested and charged with stealing two cars in Gladstone last weekend.

Gladstone Police Sergeant Wayne Butcher said the 17-year-old boy, known to police, faced seven charges including burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, stealing and serious assault to a police officer.

He alleged the boy stole a vehicle from West Ridge Crescent, West Gladstone and dumped it at Katrina Boulevard, New Auckland.

Police allege he stole another car from Penda Ave, New Auckland which was found at O’Malley St, West Gladstone on the weekend.

Sgt Butcher said offences such as the teen’s alleged ones could result in up to seven years’ jail.

The teen will be dealt with under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Anyone with any information regarding any offences in Gladstone should contact PoliceLink on 131 444.