SUN FUN POWER: John and Malcolm Linester get aboard the solar power boat challenge
SUN FUN POWER: John and Malcolm Linester get aboard the solar power boat challenge

Teams wanted for solar boat challenge on Tondoon Lake

If there's one thing Tracey Smith knows about it's energy, because she has plenty of it.

The local artist, businesswoman and volunteer has enough jobs on her plate each day to keep two people busy.

"I've been up since 5am, otherwise I can't fit everything into my day, but it's so exciting," she said.

Tracey is also a founding member of the Creative Recycling Centre which is dedicated to changing community concepts and behaviours when it comes to re-using recyclable materials.

At a recent Eco Fest, the group set up a stall and attracted a lot of interest in their projects and ideas.

"I was talking about solar power to Barry Meiring from the Tondoon Gardens and just said wouldn't it be great to have a solar boat race across the lake?" she said.

"Barry agreed, and so did a few other people I discussed it with."

"I mentioned it to my father who asked how I was going to build the boats, and frankly, I didn't have clue."

Fortunately Tracey's father knew someone who would be interested.

"He gave me John Linester's number and when I said I had this wild idea to have a solar boat challenge across the lake at the Gardens, he immediately signed up," Tracey said.

"Then he told me his brother, Malcolm, is a retired engineer and he'd be pretty keen as well."

The three of them met and Tracey was 'blown away' with their suggestions for using recycled materials to build and propel the boats.

"They came up with all these amazing suggestions like using motors from old computers and making the propellers out of cans, they really ran with it," she said.

James had a connection with Eqip who quickly got on board, then the Festivals and Events group and the Mens' Shed signed up as well.


SUN FUN POWER: Entries close this Friday
SUN FUN POWER: Entries close this Friday

"It's all fallen into place, it's our first event, but it's going to be an awesome space for a lot of learning and having fun," Tracey said.

"Workshops start on 12 and 19 of May, but nominations for teams to compete close on Friday," she said.

The event is open to youths aged 12-17 years old and more information can be found on the Creative Recycling Centre website