A MOTHER-of-three who disfigured the face of a visitor to Queenstown because she made disparaging remarks about the Tasmanian town while drinking in a local bar has been sentenced to seven months in jail.

Tamara Jane Drake, 34, now of Burnie, was in the Empire Hotel in her home town in October last year when she overheard the woman speaking on the phone.

Drake told police the visitor was putting Queenstown and its residents down.

Drake had a conversation with the woman before pushing her off her bar stool and punching her to the face 15 times, breaking her nose.

Others in the bar finally managed to restrain Drake.

The Supreme Court in Burnie heard the victim also had a cut to her eye and her face was swollen.

She later needed facial reconstruction surgery.

Tamara Drake. Picture: Facebook.
Tamara Drake. Picture: Facebook.

Justice Robert Pearce called Drake's crime a "public alcohol-fuelled violence" which caused serious injury to someone she did not even know.

Justice Pearce said Drake had not expressed remorse for her actions and had even told police she was trying to defend herself.

The CCTV footage from inside the bar showed that was not the case.

Drake pleaded guilty to a count of assault.

"While you have pleaded guilty you still seem not to understand the seriousness of what you did," Justice Pearce said.

He said the victim had no memory of the assault and suffered physical, psychological and financial fall out from the attack.

"She was embarrassed of her appearance and was off work for three months," Justice Pearce said.

"She has some residual facial scarring and changed facial appearance and has trouble sleeping."

Drake was ruled to be unsuitable for home detention because she had no local support network to help her with transporting the children to school and social activities.

The seven-month prison sentence was wholly suspended on the condition she not commit another offence punishable by a term of imprisonment.

She will also be subject to probation for 18 months.





Originally published as Tassie mum sentenced after home town 'slag off' assault