Tasers out after woman threatens police with concrete paver

POLICE were forced to draw their tasers after a woman threatened to throw a concrete paver at officers.

Authorities were called to a disturbance outside the Country Stopover Caravan Park at Tinana on the Bruce Highway on Thursday.

After a conversation with police a 41-year-old woman became abusive.

She allegedly picked up a large concrete paver and threatened to throw it at the officers who were just a few metres away.

Police drew a taser and the woman then dropped the paver.

She was arrested and charged with the serious assault of a police officer and obstructing police.

While on the way to the watch house the woman allegedly kicked the window of a police vehicle and was put into a paddy wagon soon after.

She was taken to the Maryborough watch house and released on bail on Friday morning.
A court date has been set for Tuesday August 9.