JUST THE JOB: Tara Apps is a big fan of Kristy Goodwin’s organic body scrub Nudie Rudie.
JUST THE JOB: Tara Apps is a big fan of Kristy Goodwin’s organic body scrub Nudie Rudie. Luka Kauzlaric

People get nude and rude for skin health

TARA Apps swears by being nude, rude and scrubbing.

She lost 30kg through dieting and exercise but turned to Kristy Goodwin's Nudie Rudie body scrub to complete her journey of looking and feeling better.

"I started using it for stretch marks and cellulite. I used it for two weeks and my cellulite reduced immensely," she said.

"I had two children and now the stretch marks on my stomach have decreased a lot."

Nudie Rudie is a popular natural body scrub that Gladstone women and men are rapidly getting their hands on.

Ms Goodwin kicked off the popular online business four months ago and has helped many people's skin improve with her 100% organic product.

Ms Goodwin uses organic products from Australia and her own materials to create the scrub, which she sells for $20 a packet.

"There's lot of benefits of the ingredients inside. It's good at reducing acne and it removes dead skin cells," she said.

The 25-year-old human resources worker sold close to 273 packs in the first two weeks of kickstarting Nudie Rudie, and she's not stopping any time soon.

"The reason why I started is that I love hearing when people feel good about themselves," she said.

Ms Goodwin has 50 regular customers across Australia, with 10-15 Western Australian women ordering packs frequently.

Ms Apps is one of her regular customers, buying the scrub for her partner, too.

If you would like to order one of the coconut, mint chocolate or espresso flavoured scrubs head to Ms Goodwin's website www.nudierudiescrub.com.au.


  • Coffee
  • Brown sugar
  • Sea salt
  • Almond oil
  • Dried peppermint leaves