Tansey tornado: 'There is immense destruction'

A MASSIVE clean-up operation is under way across the Burnett after a series of supercells packing hail and damaging winds tore its way across the region yesterday.

A tornado reportedly hit Tansey, near Murgon, just after 3pm on Thursday, Ocober 11, carving a narrow trail of destruction as it headed for the coast.

Tansey resident, Robyn Barsby, said the storm was unlike anything she'd ever seen.

"We were right in the centre of the tornado," she said.

"It lasted for about 15 minutes and it was quite scary."

Ms Barsby said storm chaser, Jeff Higgins, took shelter in their shed while he was broadcasting live to Facebook during the tornado.

"That was at our shed, and our house is about 25 yards from there.

"Our main damage is on the outside of the house where flying debris from the house next door hit us, and we have lots of trees down over fences and that sort of thing," she said.

"But we got through it pretty well."

Ms Barsby said their property had about 65mm of rain.

"That got measured anyway, most of it was going around in a circle," she said.

Thomas Hinterdorfer, from Higgins Storm Chasing, said they had received reports of up to three different tornadoes yesterday.

"A cell developed over Chinchilla, went through Durong South and into Tansey," he said.

"The Bureau of Meteorology was watching our live feed and confirmed it was a tornado.

Mr Hinterdorfer said Tansey was right in the middle of a very narrow path.

"There is immense destruction in Tansey," he said.

"One of the crappy things about this job is we see that damage and destruction first hand and we just hope everyone is okay.