Tannum residents set for better phone service with new tower

HOLDING your phone in the air to get an extra bar of reception in Tannum Sands may be a thing of the past after Telstra received the final tick of approval from the council to build its telecommunication tower.

Telstra has not declared when they will start construction but once the tower is built it's expected to improve mobile network coverage and performance in Tannum Sands, especially toward the southern end of the town.

There are plenty of spots in Tannum Sands where mobile coverage can be, at best, weak.

A few areas where the signal is almost non-existent include Millennium Esp, Pacific Av, Canoe Point, Cremorne Dr, Langdon St, Seaview Park and Elizabeth St.

But Telstra Country Wise Area General Manager Rachel Cliffe said the introduction of the 4GX services will mean increased capacity for the local mobile network, giving locals improved and more consistent data speeds.

"This means faster downloads and better quality video in more places with less delay and less buffering," Ms Cliffe said.

Boyne Island's Bakin' Bits Bakery owner Kathi Wilson --- who lives in Tannum Sands --- said the general lack of reception and sluggish internet speed didn't affect her while she was at work but when she goes home to do paper work "you can add a couple of hours on top of what I need to do [because of slow internet speeds]".

Owner of Fit Life Smoothie 'n' Snack Bar Rick Callander said he installed a special modem to ensure his eftpos machine and till never drop out no matter how weak the signal is --- though, to take a call at his shop he has to walk further down Pacific Av and across the road to get a strong enough signal.

But like Mrs Wilson, Mr Callander has poor reception at his home in Boyne Island.

"We had to put in a seven metre TV antennae and we can't use our phones at the back of the house," Mr Callander.

"I find myself taking a lot of calls out the front in my car."