Tanks the solution for Boyne Tannum fields' water issue

SPORTING clubs at Boyne Tannum desperate for water have a promise from the council the water will be flowing again by mid-October.

Gladstone Regional Council has been exploring options to continue supplying effluent water to the fields and the Boyne Tannum Golf Club after it was turned off in April after it was found the water didn't meet standards.


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Now CEO Stuart Randle has confirmed the council is organising the final details and will move forward with a plan to store water in tanks.

However committee members at the Boyne Tannum Golf Club have been left feeling let down by the lack of communication from the council, after the initial solution was announced.

Greens manager Craig Topfer said the committee was under the impression their pumps would be unlocked within a matter of days following the last council meeting.

But Mr Randle said that wasn't possible and there must have been a misunderstanding.

He said during a meeting today, each affected group would be assigned a council staff member to update them on the situation, but maintained the water would be turned on no later than October 19.

"This is a final solution. All clubs that had access to the effluent water before - will have access again," Mr Randle said.