Take conscience vote, then let marriage equality matter lie

THERE are people who abhor the thought of gay marriage - in fact anything to do with homosexuality.

And there are others who accept not all people are the same and some have different sexual preferences to others.

Dependant on which side of the fence you sit, you are either going to be ecstatic the Coalition was elected to power on Saturday, meaning gay marriage is completely off the agenda, or you are going to be so thoroughly disappointed.

We feature a story in Thursday's paper about a gay couple who were heart-set on becoming legally married, and they are heartbroken their dream is no longer viable.

There was a time many years ago when they would end up in court charged with all manner of offences.

These days they can be openly gay without fear of committing a criminal offence; their only issue is they can't take the final step in formalising their relationship.

Maybe it's time for our parliamentarians to take a conscience vote on the gay marriage issue - and then let the matter lie.