OUR SAY: Syndrome a real concern for region

BUNDABERG cane farmer's worst fears could come true if the Yellow Canopy Syndrome, found in a block near Bundaberg, continues to spread around the region.

In a factsheet for growers, Sugar Research Australia said in blocks that were severely affected yield reductions of between 30-70% were measured.

The big problem is no one knows how it is spread.

If it does cause yields to decrease by 70% it would be an economic disaster for our region.

Even if it the syndrome only effects yields by 15- 30%, the lower end of the scale, it would be devastating for local cane growers.

The syndrome was also found last week in the Maryborough area and seems to have moved quickly north.

Thankfully we have a great team of researchers on the ground trying to work out what is going on with Yellow Canopy Syndrome.

I just hope the team led by Dr Frikkie Botha can come up with a solution quickly.

We need to work out how and why this syndrome is here and to help farmers fight back.