Former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale.
Former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale. GLENN HUNT

Ipswich readers' support for Pisasale angers many

WHETHER you like it or not, former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale remains a popular figure in the city despite his recent conviction for extortion and the litany of charges he is yet to face.

On the streets, at dinner parties or in workplaces across the city, you will hear people speak up for the man.

This support was evidenced in a recent post on Facebook after Pisasale injured himself in the prison gym at Wacol.

There were more than 350 comments on the post, most of them negative, but others wishing him well.

"I hope he is okay," Marian Johnson wrote. "And as for all his critics, you were probably the same people who jumped on the band wagon during the 2011 floods saying he was the best mayor in Queensland."

Her comment got 70 reactions, including 57 likes.

Among the replies was this from Belinda Meier: "So true Marian Johnson.

"He did himself wrong, he never hurt anyone but himself. (But) after what he did for me and my family in 2011 floods I will never rubbish this man."

Jenny Bryson was also in agreement.

"People have short memories," she wrote. "Yes he did wrong, but I lived in Ipswich when it was like a ghetto.

"I was amazed what he turned Ipswich into.

"He did do wrong, as does everyone in power. He is being punished (but) people need to give credit for so much good as well he did."

Veronika Thirkill also wished him well: "He s still No 1 as far as I'm concerned. Hope you are okay."

Maureen Clifford added: "I'm incredibly saddened at losing him as our mayor".

"Don't let one mistake in judgement detract from everything he did for his town and the people who live here.

"Seems he wasn't perfect, but who is?"

And Marian Johnson went on to add: "I think that putting him in jail is the wrong decision.

"Get him doing community service, which is something that benefits the community, and it happens to be something he excels at."

But many were shocked that some would offer support for Pisasale.

"Good riddance," wrote Nick Barnes. "He did nothing but waste our money."

A sentiment echoed by Sharon Armstrong: "I can't see how this guy did much for Ipswich at all, look at the Mall, say no more."

But it was Lynda Kajewski Donohue who summed up the feelings of most.

"The only thing he did was bring shame to Ipswich in the eyes of the whole world."