Sweet Cheeks in action.
Sweet Cheeks in action.

Sweet Cheeks put Tannum on the map

A SMALL surf club like Tannum Sands could easily be overlooked by their bigger adversaries across Queensland and an even larger extent Australia, but 2013 has made sure the club won't be lost anytime soon.

A win at the second biggest surf boat event of the year, the clubs Under 23 Women became the toast of Tannum Sands in February at the Australian Surf Rowers League Australian Open.

Behind only the nationals in terms of prestige, the Australian Open was an unexpected win for the Sweet Cheeks, which dominated its competition on way to the gold.

"They did it very well," club coach Phil Massingham said.

"They never looked like losing."

Along with the top class performance of the Sweet Cheeks, Tannum's Gorlocks were also in the medals at the Australian Open, held at Stockton Beach, New South Wales.

The Under 19 crew finished third to earn a bronze medal, with the Trojans narrowly missing the final in the same division.

"We only took three crews and came back with two medals," Massingham said.

"We're pretty chuffed."

The big start to 2013 has kept attention on the Tannum Sands crews, which have continued to make a big impact this summer.

The teams, especially the Sweet Cheeks, will be looking to win another Australian Open in 2014, or perhaps even the nationals.