Swapped berries for blunt

HE PLANNED to grow strawberries - but grew cannabis instead.

Adrian Roy Holt was busted cultivating his own special garden in his backyard shed on December 22 last year.

With a hydroponic set-up complete with air-conditioning and artificial lights, one may have thought Holt had the best strawberry patch around, if he had stuck to his original plan.

Instead, the cultivation of three marijuana plants weighing 241.1grams saw Holt pleading guilty in Gladstone Magistrate Courtyesterday.

Holt, a chronic pain sufferer, said he used the cannabis to assist him medically.

He said he refused to take the strong pain medication available to him because his father was addicted to morphine and he feared a similar fate.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said Holt didn't smoke the cannabis, but baked it into cookies and cakes to eat.

Holt was convicted and fined $1800.