The Swanettes team back in 2017
The Swanettes team back in 2017

Swanettes fitness posts a winner

AUSSIE RULES: It’s all about make the best of a bad situation.

The Yeppoon Swans women’s team are doing just that in the form of player videos on what individual-based training that they are doing.

With the AFL Capricornia season scheduled to start on May 31 at the earliest because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Swanettes coach Matt Finch was encouraged by his players’ attitude.

“It’s been bloody heartwarming to see the girls unite through this and their fitness and skills will be better for it,” he said.

“While this crisis is going on, they all post their home workouts and im recording it so when we finally get back out there hopefully this year, we know who is still committed plus it gives the girls a great distraction with all going on.”

Finch said the team suffered losses at an average of 40 points but there’s new hope for 2020.

The female Yeppoon Swans beat Glenmore in a practice game during the pre-season before the coronavirus worldwide regulations kicked in.

Finch said there’s depth for this season.

“We have 32 girls to choose from each week and can only play 22, so this was their way to make it up for missing training … so we just expanded on that,” he said.

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