Matthew Luke Kadel pleaded guilty to drug offending. GENERIC PIC.
Matthew Luke Kadel pleaded guilty to drug offending. GENERIC PIC.

Swag of drug items uncovered in Gladstone

A Gladstone man who blamed the disability pension for his cannabis growing habit, appeared in the local Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Matthew Luke Kadel, 35, pleaded guilty to failing to properly dispose of needle and syringe, possessing pipes or utensils that had been used, possessing anything used in the commissioning of a crime and possessing and producing dangerous drugs.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd read the facts of Kadel’s case to the court and Magistrate Bevan Manthey.

On January 7, at 2.20pm, Gladstone police attended a unit on Off Lne, Gladstone, and executed a search warrant.

Police identified Kadel as the only person present at the time and a number of drug items were declared.

Kadel said he had four cannabis plants in a cupboard, which had cardboard over the doors, on the first level of the unit and an LED light system above them.

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The cupboard also contained drug utensils which were used to assist in the production of the plants including pest spray, a black fan, fertiliser, three bottles of fertiliser, a cordial bottle, a power cord and multi-twin timer, a propagation box and two fluoro lights and bulbs.

Police also located five cannabis plants between five and ten centimetres tall, growing in five individual pots in the courtyard of the dwelling.

The plants were located in potting mix which Kadel nurtured in an attempt to grow his own cannabis.

Kadel told police he thought he had killed them and was not aware they were alive and growing still.

Kadel offered no lawful or emergent reason for producing the dangerous drugs or possessing the items used to assist in the production process.

The defendant told police that he was growing his own cannabis because he was on the disability pension and was just trying to make it easier on himself.

Mr Manthey placed Kadel on 12 months’ probation.

No convictions were recorded and the drug items were forfeited to the Crown for destruction.

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