Susan Sarandon with her daughter Eva.
Susan Sarandon with her daughter Eva.

Susan Sarandon is "very excited" to become a grandmother

SUSAN Sarandon is "very excited" to become a grandmother after finding out her daughter Eva Amurri Martino is expecting a baby girl with her husband Kyle Martino.

The 67-year-old actress' daughter Eva Amurri Martino and her husband Kyle Martino are expecting a baby girl - their first child together - and Susan can't wait to meet the tiny tot for the first time.

She told Us Magazine: "I think that even when I was having a baby myself and even after I had two babies myself, that you can't even grasp the reality of it until that baby is there.

"So even though we're very excited and the sonograms are beautiful and we've been shopping, it's still -- I don't think you actually understand until there's a human being there. So we're still in that kind of state, but we're very excited."

Susan - who also has sons Jack, 23, and Miles, 20 - has been busy buying presents for the little one and even bought Eva, 28, a special chair for her birthday in preparation for her new arrival.

She explained: "I had used a rocking chair, but now they have these chairs that glide. You can sleep in it practically. So that's what she got for her birthday from me."

Eva took to her Twitter account last week to reveal she was expecting a baby girl and even joked that motherhood is already having an effect on her social life.

She wrote: "Who run the world? GIRLS! #BabyGirlMartino (sic)".

She added: "I just put some ice in my glass of water...this Saturday night is getting W-I-L-D!!! (sic)"