No surprises in early results from boom or bust survey

WITH three weeks left to complete the Boom or Bust - Gladstone Region Business Study survey, the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry is urging businesses to stand up and be counted.

So far we have had more than 120 businesses from across the region complete the survey, with the initial results interesting, but not surprising.

More than half of the businesses responding indicated the trends in gross income over the past three years showed an increase.

Likewise, over half of businesses responding indicated they benefited from the industrial boom through an increased customer base, financially and by being able to provide new products and services.

And again, more than half of businesses responding indicated that they experienced adverse effects from the industry boom, with the obvious negatives including an inability to attract staff, increased costs of wages/rents and a high increase in competition from outside the region.

Over the coming 12 months, three out of every five businesses will be working to retain their workforce.

However, one out of five businesses indicated they were planning to reduce their workforce.

The results of this survey are important and will be used to support organisations such as the chamber, Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited and Gladstone Engineering Alliance, as well as local and state government to develop services to meet the real needs of businesses in the Gladstone region.

Businesses can still respond through the GCCI website