AT HOME: Former World Cup winner Zane Harrison at Agnes Point.
AT HOME: Former World Cup winner Zane Harrison at Agnes Point. Rob Black

Surf’s Up guy heads south reporting on swell for last time

THIS will be my last Surf's Up as I'm moving on; heading for the Sunny Coast and a bit more consistency - but alas more crowds.

It looks like there will be a few waves at last.

There were a couple of little ones last Wednesday, but hopefully something a bit more towards the end of the weekend.

A medium-sized high is due to come across and send a cooler change our way overnight.

It may be too late though for the boys and girls from Tide N Turn, holding the last club contest of the year at Agnes on Saturday.

Vans Triple Crown

THEY'RE sweating on a bit of swell over in Hawaii too, with the second leg of the Vans Triple Crown, the World Cup (of surfing) on hold at Sunset.

We've got a bit of a special connection with the World Cup as our own Agnes Water local Zane Harrison won there as a teenager back in 1999, knocking over plenty of big names on the way including none other than 11-time world champ Kelly Slater.

While Slater has never won at Sunset, the list of names on that World Cup honour board read like the who's who of surfing.

Slater may just be going all out to win it this year - as well as his 12th world crown.

Slater and Mick Fanning are both due to hit the water at Sunset today if that swell arrives. Fanning has the ratings lead heading into the last contest on the World Championship Tour the Pipe Masters

It's the last leg of the Triple Crown.

Australian Junior Championships

BACK in Oz the Australian Junior Championships kick-off at Kiama, New South Wales today, with a few of the boys and girls who sometimes surf the Discovery Coast in the mix.

What's next? Handing over reins

WELL I'm off - handing the reins of Surf's Up over to a legend of surfing, CQ's own Wayne "Grom'' Mellick.

Grom has had a couple of trial runs in the last month and is ready to bring you all the latest in surf, surf equipment, contest news - and a bit of gossip.

Check out the latest summer range in boards and surf wear at Grom's shop Reef2Beach at Agnes Water - drop in (no don't drop in), stop in, and say gidday.