ENDLESS JOY: Arty Cipak shows how it's done.
ENDLESS JOY: Arty Cipak shows how it's done. Contributed GLA140319ARTY

LISTEN: Surfing's more than just art for Agnes man Cipak

SURFING: Surfing is life for Agnes Water resident and Moondoggie Beach and Bush Tours owner Arty Cipak.

Today is the first day of the Reef 2 Beach Longboard Classic at Agnes Water and Cipak will compete in the Over-50 division, but it's also off the surf what counts as well.

"We are hoping to get a great turnout as we do for most years and it's a really fun and community-orientated surfing event," he said.

"It's like seeing old friends again and it's probably one of the friendliest surf comps that I've ever been involved with."

This is part of the reason why Cipak does a sponsorship of the event.

He describes the competition as just a sideshow among the main four-day event.

"It's just a great social thing and everyone has such a great time," Cipak said.

The 51-year-old moved to Agnes Water back in 2010 for sea-change, as well as climate.

He has achieved a couple of placings in the North Of Fraser Island divisions.

"It's just a bonus for me to be able to go in the comp and I love the whole aspect of the longboarding and to be able to get out on the water with those guys and have a laugh is great," Cipak said.

He encourages anyone to have a go in the sport, something which he began when he was in his early teens.

"I started surfing off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria just south of Bell's Beach and basically followed the surf all the way up the coast," Cipak said.

"I hate the cold and I was in northern New South Wales in Yamba for a long, long time, Rainbow Beach and eventually ended at Agnes Water."