Tony Abbott... on the way up in the polls.
Tony Abbott... on the way up in the polls. Vicki Wood

Support for Kevin Rudd dropping as Abbott surges

TONY Abbott has taken over Kevin Rudd as Australia's preferred prime minister for the first time in key marginal seats, according to the latest Newspoll.

The Newspoll published in the Australian newspaper shows Labor is losing ground in marginal seats on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Labor support in the seats of Dobell and Robertson has fallen seven percentage points since the last federal election.

Labor's primary vote for the two seats is at 35% while the Coalition's primary support is 50%, a gain of eight points since the 2010 election.

On the question of who would make the better prime minister, 47% nominated Mr Abbott compared to 41% for Mr Rudd.

But Mr Rudd is still in front as preferred prime minister across Australia.

 Labor's support is down seven points to 46% and the Coalition's is up seven to 54% nationally.